Rocket Risks: Not Knowing the How and Doing it Anyway

Rocket Risks: Not Knowing the How and Doing it Anyway
Author: Mary McElhattan
Language English
Pages: 147
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: 2008

This is not just another book giving you a plan to change your life. It is a book that will inspire you through stories and simple ideas. It is a book that will help you use the information you already have stored inside you, information that has not been applied somehow or someway to your life. If you have experienced frustration, it is most likely because deep inside each of us is constant eternal fuel which we have not learned to use. We want to launch our Rockets--fulfill our dreams, start a business, begin a new relationship, or heal an old one--yet we are not quite sure how to sort it all out or make quick decisions with the knowledge we have been storing. If you don't use your fuel, then all it does is weigh you down and keep your mission grounded. In Rocket Risks, Mary shares with you her own perspective on how she sees things and sorts through her knowledge--knowledge that has allowed her to launch Rockets and reach new heights.