Twilight Man

Twilight Man
Author: Boyd Rice
Language English
Pages: 112
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.98
Published: October 31st 2011 by Heartworm Press / 23 WLVS

Heartworm Press and 23 WLVS are proud to present Twilight Man, the new 100-page memoir by Boyd Rice. Twilight Man follows Rice through San Francisco’s darkest crevices during his time as a responder for the Twilight Alarm Company. To be released Halloween 2011.

First pressing limited to 1000 copies. Introduction from Twilight Man: Chinatown. When the tourists empty the streets, the rats come out. When the neon turns off is when I’m on the clock. I carry a gun. I’m an alarm agent. Chinatown is another world, existing separate and distinct from the world that surrounds it. It is a city within a city, perhaps even a town within a city. Think you know or understand it - you’re wrong. Beneath its quaint facade lurks a hidden world with its own hidden history and its own hidden laws. It’s a world I inhabit on an almost nightly basis, from around midnight ‘til dawn. If you’re a businessman in the district, I’m your best friend, the only living soul keeping a watchful eye on your assets when the streets are empty but for rodents, night and fog. If you’re a lowlife trying to rip off those businesses, I’m paid to stop you. My job is simple. If an alarm goes off in an establishment, I’m informed by radio and dispatched to the address. If the place appears to be secure and unmolested I call it in as a false alarm. If someone is up to no good, I take ‘em down.

My tag is agent 1225, and I work for Twilight Alarm Company. This is my story.