Is This Acid In My Applesauce?

Is This Acid In My Applesauce?
Author: Josh Kraus
Language English
Pages: 93
ISBN10: 0615897401
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9780615897400
Published: November 20th 2013 by Josh Kraus

Is This Acid In My Applesauce? is a twisted tale for grownups about a little boy who feeds his head with more than just junk food. Five-year-old Theo prepares for an epic battle with a drooling monster in the basement. Mom and dad freak out after realizing their son chowed down on a tab of LSD he nabbed from dad's wallet. While Theo is blasted into a bizarre new reality of evil cupcake factories and monster combat training, his bickering parents are too busy arguing to control their increasingly deranged child. As the day continues, marriages are tested, heroes are born, and trampolines are jumped on. So buckle-up people, because your pants are falling down and I can see your butt. There's a tattoo on that butt. It says ADVENTURE. Let's go on one.