The Time Fighters

The Time Fighters
Author: Michael Butterworth
Language English
Pages: 174
ISBN10: 044688345X
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Space: 1999 Year 2
Goodreads Rating: 3.42
Published: July 1977 by Warner

INTO A BLACK HOLE Alone! Koenig has gone out into space to investigate a derelict ship -- and while he is away, Moon Base Alpha has been swallowed up by a Black Hole. How can Koenig get back? In his absence, what will happen to Maya whose personality is disintegrating? As she changes from shape to shape, one form more monstrous than the last, she jeopardizes the entire Moon Base. The break-away moon and its commander are facing disaster at the opposite ends of Time and Space. Contains the episodes "Space Warp", "Dorzak", "Devil's Planet", and "The Seance Spectre"