The Wife of a Hustler 2

The Wife of a Hustler 2
Author: Porscha Sterling
Language English
Pages: 180
Genre: Cultural
Goodreads Rating: 4.61
Published: April 14th 2015 by Royalty Publishing House

Money, cars and clothes aren't all a hustler knows. He also knows that he can't do a thing if he doesn't have a boss lady by his side. Ty comes to the realization that loving Vanessa isn't an option, it's a necessity and he decides to do whatever he needs to get his wife back. But Trinity's never been one to lie down and let a man use her and she doesn't take kindly to Ty pretending he hadn't been all up and through her just because he wants to be a 'family man' again. But as Trinity tries to tie up loose ends in Miami, another hustler catches her attention. Will her love triangle gone wrong with Vanessa and Ty finally be made right? Vanessa didn't become the wife of a hustler by being anybody's dummy. So when Mayhem thought that he could steal Ty's woman with his sexy smile, money and swag, he soon learns that she wasn't an easy target. But his pride won't let him admit that he was played for a fool so he comes at Ty even harder, this time with his focus also on making Vanessa pay for how she wronged him. But he can't help but admit that he might have caught some feelings for the one woman who was able to out-scheme him. Will he be able to ignore what he feels when he comes face-to-face with Vanessa again? And what happens when a secret that he had been holding close to his heart finally comes to the light? In this follow-up to The Wife of a Hustler, you'll see that no matter what, the heart wants what it wants, but the rules of the street trump all.