Full Circle Hero

Full Circle Hero
Author: Alan Yves Phillips
Language English
Pages: 188
ISBN10: 1449000258
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781449000257
Published: July 20th 2009 by Authorhouse

Full Circle Hero is the story of two men from notably different generations. A gulf of space and time divides them. One yearns to earn his rightful legacy, but more importantly restore a connection of love long lost. The other seeks to find meaning to recent unexplained events in his life. Through persistence and determination the younger of the two prevails, bridging the gap and bringing to light the long deserved recognition of a deed performed that helped to change the outcome of World War II and bring closure to a love story denied by a single tragic event.

The story weaves through riddle-like threads touching numerous lives past and present while restoring lost honor to one of the many World War II unsung heroes. Time does not rest nor does the story as a surprise ending adds a personal connection to the narrative author/character and his own beginnings. Be prepared to share a journey that unites generations, celebrates love and opens the windows of discovery.