She's Got Her Own

She's Got Her Own
Author: Kem Smith
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
Published: February 7th 2014

She Got Here Own by Kem M. Smith is a gripping tale of two people desperately wanting to make their marriage and family work, but wanting to find personal happiness themselves! Sharay and Brian are a young couple trying to cope with a big lifestyle change. Sharay is a successful business woman who has quit her job to homeschool her kids. However, raising four children while keeping her faith and sanity has proved to be a bit more than she can handle. Things get even more complicated when an old boyfriend from her past shows up wanting to ignite a new romance he feels still has some spark left. Sharay’s husband Brian is a hardworking man who just wants some recognition in church, to see his sons grow up to be strong, successful black men and to have a happy marriage. But he finds his world is slowly crumbling when Sharay doesn’t have the same future in mind. Author Kem M. Smith’s Urban Christian Fiction tale of marriage in the modern age is drama filled, pulse pounding and thought provoking. Fans of Christian Fiction will love devouring this urban read they won’t soon forget!