Author: Robert F. Burgess
Pages: 111
Goodreads Rating: 3.59
Published: December 20th 2017 by Spyglass Publications

Author, Robert Burgess, was so touched by the numbers of readers that enjoyed his Tunnel Tales from Vietnam and the true accounts of how our soldiers handled this unusual form of combat that he immediately began researching a new book on that subject. Once again he has more stories about the 5-foot 2-inch and than 100-pound tunnel rat nicknamed Short Round who his buddies look up to as a remarkable hero. Here are more of his tunnel adventures but what many readers might find more meaningful are the details of his up-bringing that he thinks may account for his success in this extremely dangerous activity. Also here is a look at our brothers-in arms the elite Aussie Tunnel Rats and how they learned how to outsmart their underground enemies and avoided their cleverest booby traps. After the war we learn the secret of why these tunnels were so important to the enemy. You may cringe when you read about the Tunnel Rat who is buried alive in a tunnel with a small air shaft over his head and no one knows about his predicament…except for the creepy-crawlers that find him there. Over 60 reviewers liked what they read in his first book on this subject so here are over 29,000 more words that will take you right down into those tunnels and treat you to what those brave underground warriors experienced. But be forewarned: Don’t turn on your flashlight there.

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