Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy

Phenomenology and the Crisis of Philosophy
Author: Edmund Husserl
Language English
Pages: 192
ISBN10: 0061311707
Genre: Philosophy
Goodreads Rating: 3.71
ISBN13: 9780061311703
Published: September 1964 by HarperCollins

Contents: I) " Philosophy as a Rigorous Science." II) "Philosophy and Crisis of European Man." From book's Introduction by Quentin Lauer: "It is hoped that the two essays chosen for translation in this volume will contribute towards filling a gap which those who are interested in contemporary phenomenology cannot but feel. The first essay can be said to represent Husserl early in his career, when he was seeking to gain a hearing for his 'radically new' scientific manner of philosophizing. The second dates from the years immediately preceding the cessation of Husserl's philosophical activity. Together they constitute a striking testimony to the continuity of Husserl's 'scientific' ideal in philosophy. The intervening years saw considerable development of the detailed method for attaining the goal of universal rationality, but it is significant that the position achieved as a result of this development in no way involved relinquishing any major position adopted at the beginning or along the way. Thus we have in these two essays on only an early in a late stage in the genetic growth of Husserl's thought but also an introduction to what can be called his definitive attitude toward the very nature of philosophical thinking."