Move Like Humans: Feel Better, Move Better, Discover How Your Body Moves

Move Like Humans: Feel Better, Move Better, Discover How Your Body Moves
Author: Sean Schniederjan
Language English
Pages: 227
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: July 21st 2014 by Strength Productions LLC

Is your body becoming an increasing mystery to you? Do you feel the more aches and pains you get, the more you research about it, but the more confused you get? Move Like Humans is a movement restoration system that will restore strength and movement quality to your body and increase strength, flexibility, mobility. But more than that, Move Like Humans is designed to give you a clear, big picture look at how the human body moves and stabilizes based on teachings that you can actually understand by sensing - using your sense of touch. What good is knowing about the musculo-skeletal system if you can't actually feel it? This books walks you through key muscle groups and shows you how to activate them for both movement and stability, relax them, and stretch them. Not being limited to one method, this book helps gives you a "big picture" look at your movement system. Simple Assessments and Correctives The goal of the program is to get you strong and flexible enough to handle the weight of your legs in 6 different positions that test the function of your pelvis and upper hips. These simple assessments and correctives are only found here and are called the "6 Leg Lift Test." There is a section on the test, variations, and correctives at the end of the book, along with general movement and flexibility programs. Table of Contents: Forward –Physical Educators are Artists, Not Scientists Muscle and Movement - Move Like Humans Philosophy Practice I. –Pelvis – Obliques and QL Practice II. Abs Practice III – Eyes and Different Kinds of Muscle Contractions Practice IV. Hamstrings and Toe Touch Practice V. Hip Extension/Gluteus Maximus Practice VI. Upper Leg Movement and Stability Practice VII: Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Mobility Practice VIII: Squat Practice IX: Front Splits The Human Body is Amazing - Conclusion The Six Leg Lift Movement Test, Other Tests and Correctives Move Like Humans Function and Flexibility Programs COMING SOON: INSTRUCTIONAL AND FOLLOW-ALONG VIDEOS Appendix: Functional Training is Ahistorical