Blue Earth

Blue Earth
Author: Jeff Stover
Language English
Pages: 290
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: February 25th 2010 by Blue Throne Fiction

Alternative cover edition of ISBN 9780984278107 FROM SFBOOK.COM: "Blue Earth is quite an accomplished novel, well laid out with very strong characterization, it was somewhat of a surprise to see a d but novel of this caliber. The story is set sometime in the near future, and has a minimal amount of back story, concentrating more on fleshing out the characters and developing the plot. The pace is pretty fast and there's enough twist and turns to keep the interest going. The protagonist and antagonist are both richly detailed and really fun to read, full of character and wit. The story itself blends the latest technological development in genetics (which seems very plausible) and mixes this with a theological perspective, ultimately dealing with the human condition...the prose itself is both rich and creative, well structured and almost poetic in a few places. There is a really good story here, a fast paced tale of cat and mouse played out with style and creativity. Recommended." -- Ant.DESCRIPTION: Blue Earth presents a future reality in which the application of science continues to erode worldviews favored by religion. Neverthe, an unexpected culture of faith perseveres.

This tale provides well-written entertainment for casual and avid book readers alike. Engaging, well-paced, and psychologically challenging, Blue Earth sets the new standard for popular Speculative Fiction. This is the inaugural title from Blue Throne Creative, LLC ( BACK COVER ANNOTATION: As American culture decays and is rendered moot by the mingling of fact, myth, and propaganda, a new legend arises--one of human hope in the hands of non-human benefactors. The Thrones, a group of biological mistakes rumored to be -than-human, have inspired the writing of new religious texts many regard as sacred. But an obsessed college professor, Ruth Long, is committed to dispelling such myths as farce. She soon discovers that the cost of unveiling the Thrones is greater than expected. As her hunt produces truths difficult to accept, Ruth must choose between a life of sacrifice, or of comfort. The exploration becomes more than academic when Jamal Battle, a thug indentured to capture and silence the Thrones, methodically uncovers the Thrones and their secrets. At his disposal are the full resources of a megalomaniacal plutocrat who regards the Thrones as property. Sparing no expense or care for the damage he causes Jamal attempts to reinvent himself with fire, force, and death. As he struggles for sanity, Jamal 's desperation collides with Ruth 's will to find her own identity. The result is a race to reveal the Thrones as divine saviors, or to hide their existence behind social hysteria and erase them forever.