Dark Angel, All the Stars

Dark Angel, All the Stars
Author: Ryssa Edwards
Language English
Pages: 78
ISBN10: 1920484590
Genre: Romance
Series Immortal Pleasures
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
ISBN13: 9781920484590
Published: May 28th 2011 by Silver Publishing

The Archangel Lucifer falls in love with Aeryn, a mortal, in the Middle Ages. Aeryn is caught painting erotic art.

The Inquisition catches Aeryn and condemns him to burn at the stake. The Inquisitor is being used by a Nephilim who has been seeking vengeance against Lucifer for thousands of years. Six hundred years later, Lucifer finds Aeryn reincarnated in the present They unite, however, the Nephilim is still after Lucifer. Can Lucifer save the love he's waited over six centuries to find again?