One Night, Far from Here: A Magically Revealing Bestiary

One Night, Far from Here: A Magically Revealing Bestiary
Author: Julia Wauters
Language English
Pages: 36
ISBN10: 1909263028
Genre: Childrens
Goodreads Rating: 4.31
ISBN13: 9781909263024
Published: May 28th 2013 by Flying Eye Books

It's pitch-dark and everything seems asleep, but as dawn approaches, the worlds shrouded in darkness are revealed with all of their multitudes of creatures as we visit the Amazonian rainforest, the savannah, the tundra, the forest at our back door, and the deep blue sea. Clear acetate pages with printed illustrations and text create a wonderful "reveal" narrative as the pages are turned. Kids will love to see what's behind each page. A game of hide and seek in a book with beautifully illustrated natural ecosystems that gradually reveal their inhabitants as its acetate pages are turned. With a full list of species included, One Night, Far From Here is both educational and fun, with art that highlights the wonder of each of these perfectly conceived natural worlds for eager young minds.