Tarot for beginners- Your questions answered. (Tarot by Maddy Elruna Book 1)

Tarot for beginners- Your questions answered. (Tarot by Maddy Elruna Book 1)
Author: Maddy Elruna
Language English
Goodreads Rating: 3.89
Published: January 14th 2017

Tarot for beginners- Your questions answered Starting to read the Tarot can be daunting, let me make it a little easier by clearly explaining some of the basic points for you. As an experienced Tarot teacher I know what confuses the beginner, and this book is written to help you understand. Which deck to choose (and does it need to be gifted?) What does psychic actually mean (and is every one psychic?) How do I know if my reading is accurate? Which is the best spread? What about bad news- how do I deal with that? How do I cleanse a deck? ˃˃˃ Are you confused about how to start reading tarot cards? There is so much to consider as a beginner. Let me take you through some of the most common questions, so you can then focus on the fun bit- reading the tarot! Tarot is a wonderful tool, it can help with decision making, inspiration, anxiety, planning- and yet those first steps can seem so hard. This book is about getting those first steps right, building your confidence and understanding, so you can really get to grips with the tarot. ˃˃˃ Let me help you to understand tarot reading works "Totally loved the concise, to the point writing as well as the thoughtful structuring in the book! Good read for beginners!" "I like that the book was easy to understand and helpful for this beginner. I hope to continue to use her information as I learn to study and read the tarot cards." "This is a great guide, clearly written and definitely something I would recommend to people with both some or no experience of the tarot" ˃˃˃ So- do you want to start reading the tarot? Download my book today, and let me help! If you have any questions take a look at my website, and drop me an email- I'm happy to help (in fact most of blogs are in direct answer to questions I receive through email!) Scroll up and grab a copy today.