Hate Me

Hate Me
Author: H.C. Shota
Language English
Pages: 40
Genre: New Adult
Series Worthy Of Love
Goodreads Rating: 3.36
Published: November 28th 2013

First Instalment in the Worthy of Love series, a short story told in a mini- series format depicting one girl's journey through love and redemption. Eighteen year old Amanda Lowell's first day as a freshman at Montgomery University sucks. For one, there's Jennifer, the perfect beautiful girl who once used to be her friend and is now hell bent on making her life miserable by spreading gossip around campus - gossip that is true and just about alienates her from everyone except for best friend and roommate, Rene. And then there's Jack Daniels, her childhood crush. Amanda hasn't seen Jack since she was thirteen. Amanda blames herself for the tragedy that befell Jack's family.

The problem is Jack blames her too. He makes it clear he hates her, but that's okay... She hates herself.