Up In Flames

Up In Flames
Author: Peter Styles
Language English
Pages: 71
Genre: Romance
Series Eternal Flame
Goodreads Rating: 3.55
Published: July 8th 2017

He's a firefighter who's ready for the biggest fight of his life... Tim Chen loves his job and his boyfriend, Nicky. In his eyes, he has everything he's ever wanted. After all, Nicky is a happy-go-lucky, sexy and and charming man. But his friends ad co-workers at the fire station see things very differently. Considering Nicky a deadbeat, drug-dealer with no future, Tim's fellow firefighters can't stand Nicky. But when their power goes out and their bank account is overdrawn, Tim's anger and resentment explodes.

Now, he's all alone and regretting everything. With Nicky, it was never about money, ambition, or success. It was about love. And now he knows the truth. Can Tim reignite a fire he extinguished with Nicky before everything fizzles out? In this 25,000 word gay romance, one man discovers the real meaning behind true love. With steamy scenes and heartfelt bonds, you'll feel the heat that encompasses them. But will one man's past be the one thing that destroys the fire that burns between them?