Author: Katie Clark
Language English
Pages: 268
ISBN10: 1611163994
Genre: Christian Fiction
Series Enslaved
Goodreads Rating: 4.52
ISBN13: 9781611163995
Published: November 22nd 2014 by Pelican Book Group

Hana is Greater. It’s a future she never envisioned for herself, but she’s not about to ignore the opportunity she’s been given--the opportunity to find answers about her Mom, Jamie, and Fischer. This could be an opportunity to tell others the truth about God and uncover the secrets the Great Supreme has been keeping from their small, struggling nation. When Hana’s search brings her to the mysterious prison she’s only heard of in rumors, the desire to get inside drives her to dig deeper for answers, but what she uncovers may be bigger than them all. Can she save herself and the others before the Great Supreme realizes what she's doing, or will she give up everyone she loves in her quest for the truth?