The Left Ear 左耳

The Left Ear 左耳
Author: Rao Xueman 饶雪漫
Language Chinese
Pages: 230
Genre: Contemporary
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: April 1st 2015 by Yilin Press 译林出版社

There is something wrong with my left ear and if someone talks on my left side, I cannot hear. However, I suddenly have a crush on Xu Yi while he is attracted by the flirting girl Bala who wears green eye shadows. Brokenheartedly, I come across Bala by chance and we become friends. At the same time, I know about Bala's beloved boyfriend—Zhang Yang. After that, Bala dies in an accident. I become Xu Yi's girlfriend, but we break up eventually. Zhang Yang, because of the death of Bala, still cannot start his new life. 左耳听力不好,如果站在左边说话就听不见的“我”某天突然就暗恋上了男生许弋,而同时许弋却被绿色眼影的长裙放浪女孩吧啦追求到手。心碎的“我”在偶然的机会和吧啦成为朋友,也认识了吧啦真正心爱的男生——张漾。随后吧啦在一次意外中去世了,小耳朵与许弋相恋,但最终分手,而张漾却困于吧啦的死亡而无法开始新生活。