From Heaven to Hell and Back

From Heaven to Hell and Back
Author: Vonna Simons
Language English
Pages: 227
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: March 24th 2015

Five friends Diana Whitnek, Ashlee Amor, Tony Ricarda, Penny Holden, Sabrina Reynolds and Ericka Jones all meet when they are young teenagers. Coming from different backgrounds, each girl has a past. Diana is struggling to deal with the separation of her parents. She doesn't understand what went down between the two of them but she's determined to find out. Ashlee is torn between the guy she loves and her best friend. Since he's her best friends brother, she doesn't want to approach her feelings but as time goes on, will she be able to deny her love for him? Tony is a no bullshit type of chick. Growing up spoiled, she gets whatever and whomever she desires. What will she do when the guy she wants doesn't seem to want her back in return? Will she allow him to be the first guy to turn her down or will she chase after him until she has him right where she wants him? Penny is the jolliest of them all. After years of her best friend Sabrina's brother flirting with her, she starts to question whether or not she's actually interested in him. JB is a hothead and she's not sure whether or not he's worth her time. Will she ignore the obvious or give in and see what happens? Join the squad as they go through their ups and downs while they fight each other, their feelings and all of the bullshit that follows. Will they give in to temptation or will their dark secrets tear them apart?