Chasing Omega

Chasing Omega
Author: Goldie Wolfman
Language English
Pages: 142
Genre: Paranormal
Goodreads Rating: 3.59
Published: June 22nd 2016

The Alpha who doesn’t want to get close to anyone … F**k ‘em and leave ‘em has always been bad boy Jared’s mantra. He’s too focussed on his success as a quarterback to be bothered with serious relationships. Meeting Sam makes him think differently, but can he afford to let an unknown Omega into his inner circle, especially one who is so clearly damaged? The Omega who's looking for a new direction ... When a twist of fate causes Sam to get caught up in the crazy world of Jared Vaughn, he soon realises he’s in danger of getting hurt. But as much as he tries to resist he’s no match for an alpha used to getting his own way. Sam needs to get his life in order. He wants a relationship but how can he have one with a man who refuses to make any promises or even discuss their future. An act of betrayal …. Accusations fly, threatening their love for each other. One of them will have to make a grand gesture before they can consider a future together. Who’s man enough to make one? Protecting Omega is a standalone MM story, with sexy love scenes, Mpreg, an HEA ending, and no cliffhangers!