Creeping Aphrodite

Creeping Aphrodite
Author: Charlotte Rice
Pages: 278
ISBN10: 0967441102
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780967441108
Published: January 1st 2000 by Tantrum Books

In the world of cholesterol, even the best arteries can get clogged. Charlotte Rice's character, Licorice Angelheart is the heroine of Creeping Aphrodite. Licorice wants to be an English professor, but for now has to be content working in a hospital as a unit clerk.

She is cultured, well-read and has a vocabulary to the extent which would constipate Webster. Licorice wants a man to help her escape living under the roof of her lawyer father and bacchic step-mother, both of whom do not recognize Licorice as a worthy human being because she is morbidly obese. She lives in a small town, where the beernut is a natural element and the cigarette is the national pasttime of the man with the blue collar and the red neck.

Her treks to the Habitual Victual, the corner grocery store, and her aspirations of finishing her master's degree and pursuing her doctorate give Licorice hope of a fulfilled life. Among the hilarious cast of characters include: Miracle "Big Hands" Mascaux: the lesbian nurses' aide at Honeydung Hospital, where Licorice works Keatson Williardingsmithro Angelheart: Licorice's father and a hot-shot ambulance chaser Ambrosia-Prudence: Licorice's stepmother who drives a lavendar Camaro and loves to drink and gamble Dr. Zendel: the physician with whom Licorice is in love and shamely pursues The Associate: Licorice's reprimander and Keatson's protege Stanley: the red-haired Jewish bartender who works at the Happy Hangover About the Author: Charlotte Rice has been a contributor to The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly and Seventeen, among other magazines, and is the author of My Heroes Have Always Been Dead. Rice freelances regularly with Forum News magazine and was the 1999 editor for Spectra magazine. She was the recipient of the Buckner Writing Award for 1999 as well as winner of the 1999 Shreveport Regional Arts Council Fellowship.