X-Men: War Machines

X-Men: War Machines
Author: Victor Gischler
Language English
Pages: 112
ISBN10: 0785161872
Genre: Sequential Art
Series X-Men 2010 Collected Editions
Goodreads Rating: 2.87
ISBN13: 9780785161875
Published: May 9th 2012 by Marvel

Domino has discovered a dark secret in the heart of Eastern Europe. A border dispute threatens to spread into an international incident. The leaders of Puternicstan have an army of black-market Sentinels, and they're ready to take the fight to neighbors Latveria and Symkaria! Storm leads a strike team of Utopia's most powerful mutants - Warpath, Psylocke, Colossus and Jubilee - to rescue Domino and scuttle the Sentinels. But standing between the X-Men and their mission is the iron man known as War Machine. NATO seeks to block the team's incursion - sparking a three-way war between the mutants, War Machine and a Sentinel army dangerously close to igniting World War III! Collecting: X-Men 20-23, 14