Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom
Author: Rachelle Le-Monnier
Language English
Pages: 28
Genre: Adult Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 2.77
Published: June 28th 2012

Stella needed a break in the sun, away from the pressures of work. She intended to spend her days reading trashy novels and working hard on her all-over tan, but the realisation she had a secret admirer changed things completely. Casting her inhibitions aside, Stella decided to teach her peeping tom a on he wouldn't forget, but she soon discovered that putting on a naughty show was only the beginning of her erotic adventures... Excerpt: After a while, the sun began to have its usual soporific effect, so I dropped the book and turned over on to my stomach to cook my back. The warm wind lulled me into a trance like state and I was almost on the verge of nodding off when I heard something from the other side of the bushes. Immediately my senses sharpened and I tensed up. For long seconds I listened, trying to work out if I had actually heard something, or whether the sound was a product of my over-active imagination. Then I heard it again: a distinct clicking sound. At least now I was fairly certain I had an audience.

This dark knowledge sent my libido soaring into the stratosphere and I made an instant decision to have some fun at my voyeur’s expense...