BWWM: The SEALs Secret Baby (Interracial Urban Romance) (First Time Pregnancy Short Story)

BWWM: The SEALs Secret Baby (Interracial Urban Romance) (First Time Pregnancy Short Story)
Author: Taylor Kane
Language English
Genre: War
Goodreads Rating: 2.43
Published: June 11th 2015

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Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device. Vertasha, a 23 year old black girl, and her elder brother, Jackson, had a rough start in life. They lost their parents at a very young age and were left to fend for themselves. Jackson now devotes himself fully to his military career, while Vertasha has worked hard to pay herself through school and land an executive position at one of the San Diego's most prestigious real estate companies. When Jackson is not on tour, or stationed away, he's drinking with his fellow SEALs in town. There are always plenty of girls in town who are more than willing to hookup with navy guys. Vertasha, on the other hand, has two lives. Her work and her private life. She wakes up in strangers’ homes more often than she wakes up in her own home. Almost every day she wakes up with a new guy. She has her rules: No second chances, no forgiveness, zero tolerance, and no sex without condoms. In her game, she is the boss, and she always gets what she wants. Guys don’t tell her what to do, she tells the guys what to do. But things are about to change a little. Jackson is bringing over his best friend, Kurt, home for dinner for the very first time. Kurt has not only excelled in his military career, but successfully completed some of the most challenging courses in the world, including Basic Underwater Demolition Seal (BUDS), and to top all that off, throw in his massively muscular body and his good looks. With the manners fit for a queen, Kurt is an alpha. But what happens when Vertasha and Kurt meet? Who gets to be the boss and who gets to serve? The chemistry is obvious between them from the start, but from the very beginning, they both unwittingly set on a course that will change their lives. Their fates are intertwined from the beginning. - Taylor Kane