Grave Decisions

Grave Decisions
Author: Sarah Walker
Language English
Pages: 314
ISBN10: 1481282824
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Gates of Grave
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9781481282826
Published: December 18th 2012 by Create Space

Decisions determine who you are—small to great. They define you and determine your fate.

But every decision Magnificent Alabaster Graves has made seems to be the wrong one and brings her nothing but regret. Now she has decided to do the right thing for once, even though it’s the stupidest decision she’s ever made. Paying the Queen’s price could mean her life, or is there another way? Can God help her after all she’s managed to destroy? Does she have the right to hope for light when all she can see is darkness around her? And how will her decisions determine the fate of others? On Ishtara the Moon Queen’s game board, life and death are won through decisions. However, Maggie’s last decision caused her tons of trouble. The game is reaching deeper levels and Maggie knows Ishtara is playing for keeps. Maggie’s family and friends are in danger as her world is forever changed by Ishtara’s horrifying reign.

Being stuck in stupid isn’t an option and Maggie is determined not to screw things up this time. If only there was time to go over her choices again...