The Wessex Turncoat

The Wessex Turncoat
Author: Michael E. Wills
Language English
Pages: 309
ISBN10: 1781322392
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
ISBN13: 9781781322390
Published: June 14th 2014 by SilverWood Books

Aaron Mew is a seventeen year-old apprentice blacksmith living in a small Hampshire village in the late eighteenth century. His life is simple yet secure, until the day when he volunteers to take the place of his father on an errand for the squire.

The country boy is wrenched from the environment in which he grew up and thrust into a world of ruffians, drunks, criminals and disgraced professionals - the army of George III.

An army desperately short of men, but with the ambition to quell the rebellion in America and retain the thirteen colonies under British rule. The "Wessex Turncoat" tells the story of a real army and a decimated regiment, which was doomed mainly by the vanity and intransigence of an English general.