Lesbian: The Special (First Time Lesbian, Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Billionaire)

Lesbian: The Special (First Time Lesbian, Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Billionaire)
Author: Olivia Hampshire
Language English
Pages: 149
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.17
Published: June 30th 2016

Allison was drop dead beautiful, and she still is. She married her high school sweetheart, the captain of the football team, Lester. They had 3 kids and lived in small town, USA. Lester drank, and beat Allison regularly when he came home from his job, stocking shelves at Walfart. Allison had a dream of working with animals, far away in a game preserve in Kenya. What a silly dream for a small town, USA girl. And then she met Harriet Rothchild. Bonus Blockbuster “House of Romance,” title included. “Olivia! I have read all of your Lesbian Billionaire books and I always wondered about Harriet. You never really came out and told us anything about her. Well this was my big surprise and I thank you very much.

This told me a lot about Harriet and the book was excellent. Another excellent read and please excuse me for saying thank you, thank you, thank you too many times.” Ava, Kalamazoo, MI “That Lester. What a jerk. He got just what he deserved and big time. And that Allison. What a charmer. What a wonderful person with such a great heart. And what vision she had. If she is a real person, I wish her and her children the best in whatever that do down the road. Thank you very much Olivia for another great lesbian romance story. Bravo!” Violet, Nashville, TN “Hi Olivia.

You just out did yourself with this one. I have been wondering about Harriet through this whole series and I have had so many questions. Harriet is just the best billionaire ever. I don´t know any, but she really seems to be the best that I know of. If I ever get money, I want to be just like her. And Debbie Brown. Ha, Brown, Debbie Brown. She always comes through and she came through really big in this one. I love you Olivia!” Megan, Eau Clare, WI “I thought Allison was down the tubes. I didn´t think that things would work out. But in the end, well, I don´t want to blow it for people that haven´t read the book yet. All I can say is, “Read the whole thing.” I have not found any lesbian romance books like your's Olivia. I just love them. I also like your House of Romance books with Grace and Claudia.

Anyway, thank you so much for this great first time lesbian book. It was one of your best pieces of work.” Stella, Glasgow, MT First Time Lesbian Lesbian Romance Lesbian Billionaire Lesbian Fiction