Love Me Like The Stars

Love Me Like The Stars
Author: Alesia Carter
Language English
Pages: 264
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: Expected publication: July 5th 2018 by THE GRL Publishing

Love Me Like The Stars is a collection of poems, prose and thoughts told through stories of lust, romance, heartache and salvation. Consisting of four chapters, as well as color photography and illustrations designed by the author, this strikingly poignant and addicting collection of poetry is based on Carter's own personal experiences. She creatively digs deep to navigate themes surrounding love, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, self-worth, single-motherhood, intersectional feminism, racial injustice and obstacles faced as a woman. Every word is written with a gut-wrenchingly honest, raw, vulnerable and sometimes uncomfortable truth that is sure to ignite an emotional experience you won't forget. here is my soul written in the the best way i know how to speak through poems prose and stories read these pages with an open heart and an open mind they will reveal harsh realizations unveil difficult conversations but in the end our differences aren't so different you hurt i hurt you love i love at the core of our beings we are one take this journey and you will experience new meaning in lust romance heartache salvation everything that connects us like the stars in the constellation Love Me Like The Stars is currently, and intentionally, only available in paperback format as an ode to the author's childhood love for books. "While e-book's are convenient, I think we have lost the connection to know what it feels like to hold a book and appreciate it for what it is. As a little girl, it was always so magical to go to the library and have the power in my hands to dive into another world. It was my escape. I want others to really embrace my words and feel the magic of turning a page too." - Alesia Carter