The Colour of My Mind: The Development of a Philosophy for Living

The Colour of My Mind: The Development of a Philosophy for Living
Author: Danny Williams
Language English
Pages: 168
ISBN10: 1453883959
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781453883952
Published: September 29th 2011 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

This book charts the development of the author's mind and his meandering thoughts on a large variety of subjects over an 8 year period, but seeded possibly as much as seventeen years earlier in his teenage years. The first signs that a particular set of thought patterns were starting to break through occurred in the summer of 2003 when he was introduced to an unorthodox method of Eastern philosophical teachings in a Martial Arts school that he had joined a year before.

It was at this time that he felt the need to start a private record of his intellectual self-exploration and development. Almost by accident this focussed his efforts in such a way that led to a completely unexpected in the summer of 2010. Initially the author's ponderings were centred around popular scientific facts, figures and new discoveries. This later expanded to include the genre of Eastern philosophy, then further developed into an inquisitive method of thought on a great deal of subject areas with hypotheses being put forward for later consideration. After the personal breakthrough in understanding in the summer of 2010, it became an obvious point for the author to finish his current record of thoughts and begin anew.

This book is the author's collected works up to that point.

The record of thoughts charts the development of what evolved into a personal philosophy and belief system that is based upon the author's life experiences and observations of the world around him.

It offers the path taken that resulted in a personalised method of belief without the need for deities, dogma or doctrine and could arguably be seen as very similar to the Chinese belief system of Taoism of which Bruce Lee, the martial artist and film star was a staunch advocate. In fact the author has found great similarities between what Bruce Lee taught, and the position in which he has now found himself. The latter part of this diary of thoughts offers the reader an opportunity to see the benefit of inquisitiveness and the experiential knowledge, understanding and wisdom that can come from simply asking 'Why?' Sometimes these thoughts reached startling revelations about the nature of life and the way in which we humans use and abuse it. However the reader chooses to use it, it remains simply a personal alternative view on the myriad aspects of life. Review by Goran Powell - Author of Waking Dragons and A Sudden Dawn A thought-provoking collection of ideas from a man on an inner journey through the martial arts. Danny's book defies traditional convention. It is part notebook, part diary and part scrapbook of philosophical snippets, mostly relating to the martial arts but also looking wider at life, the universe and everything... If you are a martial artist on an internal journey yourself, then this book will resonate with you. Don't however expect a neatly packaged set of answers. The format is an eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas delivered as they occur, and includes questions left unanswered, old ideas that have since been superseded, and quotes gathered from any and all sources (including my own book, which makes me proud!). One recurring theme is that of cults - something remarkably prevalent in the martial arts - and Danny writes with first-hand experience of how easy they are to enter, and how hard to leave.

To his credit Danny's inner journey gave him the strength to do just this and follow a more real and rewarding path in the martial arts. If you would like to share in the ideas, questions and breakthroughs of a fellow martial artist then join Danny on his journey and enjoy the ride.