Feisty Princess: Episode One: B-Grade Sci Fi Romance

Feisty Princess: Episode One: B-Grade Sci Fi Romance
Author: Erica Conroy
Language English
Pages: 50
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.58
Published: November 12th 2013 by Plutoid Press

These are the voyages of the spaceship Feisty Princess.

Archaeologist Vikki Jacobs finds herself battered, bruised and in unfortunate need of help. She's been double-crossed and left for dead on a spaceship set to self-destruct.

Even with odds stacked against her, she's determined to kick the ass of the man responsible and retrieve what he stole. Enter the polar opposite half-Duarr twins, Will and Xan.

Childhood friends who offer their support—and Xan's spaceship the Feisty Princess—to help her achieve her goal. But they're no longer the boys she used to boss around when they were kids. They've grown up and bring baggage and hormones into the fray... Join the reunited friends as they hunt down the bastard who double-crossed Vikki and kick his ass! This ongoing serial follows the descendants of some of the main characters from the Callisto Universe. Feisty Princess is the next generation but can easily be read and enjoyed on its own.