The Clash of Civilizations Twenty Years On

The Clash of Civilizations Twenty Years On
Author: Jeremy Paul Barker
Language English
Pages: 54
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: October 2013 by e-International Relations

Perhaps no article has been as often cited or hotly debated over the past twenty years as that of Professor Samuel P. Huntington’s Foreign Affairs article “The Clash of Civilizations?.” Certainly considered among the preeminent political thinkers of his generation, the clash of civilizations continues to be the reference point for a host of theoretical arguments across the entire spectrum of the social sciences. Written at a time when the world was going through massive shifts, his essay looked into the future and put forward a thesis that culture would be at the center of international conflicts. A host of events in the past twenty years have given credence to this viewpoint, but also raise questions about many of its assertions. As the essays in this collection make clear, the accuracy of the thesis is hotly debated and it remains a theory with which serious engagement ought to be made.