The Bradshaws: Felix Women V (The Felix Women Book 5)

The Bradshaws: Felix Women V (The Felix Women Book 5)
Author: Angelia Vernon Menchan
Language English
Pages: 74
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: January 16th 2015 by Honorable MENCHAN Media

MULTICULTURAL ROMANTIC FICTION. Standing in the door, Scott watched his wife work with his mom alongside her. His heart filled with love at how Felina incorporated everyone into her life. He and Justina were slowly getting to know each other in the four months she had been in town but he was reserving his feelings and his complete trust.

Feeling her husband's eyes, Felina turned to Scott with a smile. He winked at her before going to his office. Justina enjoyed working with Felina but yearned for a closer relationship with Scott. He was kind and conversational but reserved with her. She understood but it was painful. She also enjoyed working closely with Pierre LaPierce. He had been trying to seduce her for months and she was close to giving in.

He was Felina and Scott's attorney and also worked internationally. Currently he was in France but would be returning soon.

She looked forward to it. Isaac loved Arabella more than he could stand but nothing had changed. They still had the same closeness and she often stayed nights with him but he wanted more.

He wanted permanency. Juan needed to go home. He had hidden away in Puerto Rico long enough.

It was time to man up and face his life.