Being Jane

Being Jane
Author: Arabella Quinn
Language English
Pages: 105
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads Rating: 3.28
Published: April 2nd 2014

Being Jane wasn't easy. No one ever noticed me. I was invisible. My life was utterly boring. Not the spoiled-brat kind of boring, but the bone weary kind of boring. Then, out of the blue, one little phone call changed my life. Things started happening. Life got real complicated ... real fast. You've heard of love triangles, right? Well, there was some kind of geometry going on in my love life, but it wasn't as simple as a triangle. More like an incongruous polygon... Being Jane Brown was hard. I had to tiptoe around my fragile mother. I made terrible mistakes that led to heartache and misery. But, I finally felt alive.

An epic love was mine to experience - if only I had the courage to lay my heart bare.