A Thug & His Queen 3: An Urban Hood Drama

A Thug & His Queen 3: An Urban Hood Drama
Author: Tamicka Higgins
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.40
Published: June 9th 2016

As if things couldn’t get any worse or scarier, Ronnisha will now have to deal with another major blow to her life: her father Greg is dying of Cancer. When a major shooting goes down at Lamarcus’ hospital, everything will change. What had been a simple beef between a few guys in the hood becomes a major headline in the national news. In A Thug & His Queen 3, lives will be lost as the game becomes more complicated. Rain has the utmost concern for her grandmother’s safety while everyone is still has a little suspicion toward her. Qoree will stop at nothing to send a message to Danez that he is over The Land. With detectives now on their trail, Danez and Ronnisha have to not only run to save their lives, but also run to stay ahead. As storms roll over the city, Danez, Ronnisha, Rain, Qoree, and even Lala will have to make choices that won’t be too easy. In A Thug & His Queen 3, everyone will see just how it feels when the enemy gets a little too close….