Salty Chicks & Sweet Licks (1)

Salty Chicks & Sweet Licks (1)
Author: Sa'id Salaam
Goodreads Rating: 4.38
Published: March 31st 2018 by Sa'id Salaam Presents

Reign and Unique grew up father and impoverished in the gritty, grimy streets of Bronx, New York, so they had every right to be salty. These salty chicks were in search of sweet licks to make up for what their single mothers couldn't afford. However, their first lick was anything but sweet. In fact, it was so bad, it set off a chain of events that had bodies dropping like dominoes. At the same time, both girls were looking for love.

They find it, but can they keep it? Salty Chicks and Sweet Licks is a wild ride from start to finish. A classic street tale you will not be able to put down.