In His World 1 -

In His World 1 -
Author: Desiree Monet
Language English
Pages: 70
Genre: Adult Fiction
Series In His World
Goodreads Rating: 3.18
Published: July 30th 2013

After an unexpected encounter with a handsome young billionaire, an unsuspecting and innocent secretary must now suffer the devastating paybacks from his powerful and devious fiancée/business partner. Late at night, when the offices are empty and everyone is at home with their loved ones, a young Alice Jennings stands alone inside a huge bathroom. She is changing into her maid's uniform. She had no choice.

She needs the money; she needs this job. Routine and boredom are her life, but fate decides to give her one last thrill ride. They spot each other. She does not mean for it to happen; but it happens and she definitely does not regret it...

Suddenly Alice finds herself in the world of the billionaires and power brokers, lust, greed, and danger stalk her every move. Can Alice survive the wrath of the ultra rich and the super powerful? Who or what is really waiting for her in Hong Kong, China? Is there room for true love or is she only deluding herself?