A Clinician's Guide to Psychodrama: Third Edition

A Clinician's Guide to Psychodrama: Third Edition
Author: Eva Leveton
Language English
Pages: 209
ISBN10: 0826122639
Genre: Psychology
Goodreads Rating: 3.67
ISBN13: 9780826122636
Published: January 1st 2001 by Springer Publishing Company

In this update of a popular text, Leveton draws from the works of Moreno, Erickson, Satir, and Perls.

She fashions a psychodramatic approach that will help therapists practice more effective group work. New to this edition is material on drama therapy and supervision in institutional settings. ..".a delightful and informative journey into a world of psychodrama for both the experienced and newly-trained timid clinician. Ms. Leveton has clearly vitalized the use of psychodrama." -- (about the second edition) ..".relevant, alive and exceedingly helpful." --Virginia Satir, From the Foreword to the first edition