The Humans under the Bed

The Humans under the Bed
Author: Kevin Strange
Language English
Pages: 62
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.81
Published: November 11th 2013 by Strangehouse Books

500 years after monsters wiped out the human race, a quiet calm has settled over the population of nightmare creatures that go bump in the night. They work their monster jobs, raise their monster families, tend to their monster homes, and generally enjoy the peace and prosperity of life without their sworn enemies, the human scourge, that so blighted the land for so many centuries. In fact, the only inhabitants of this new monster world that even still speak of human kind are the children who share hushed secret fairy tales about evil humans coming up from underneath their beds, pulling the little monsters to their deaths.

But of course these are just stories. Of course all the awful humans are dead. Or are they? Bizarro mainstay Kevin Strange brings this kids story for adults straight from the pages of the STRANGE FUCKING STORIES anthology as a stand-alone novelette that can best be described as Monsters, Inc.

meets Full Metal Jacket if directed by David Cronenberg.