The Whale's Song 鲸歌/海洋科幻名家作品精选

The Whale's Song 鲸歌/海洋科幻名家作品精选
Author: Liu Cixin
Language Chinese
Pages: 161
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Published: June 1st 2015 by Dalian Publishing House 大连出版社

The book collects many works of Liu Cixin, such as The Whale's Song, Round Bubbles, Sea of Dream, Destiny, Mountain, etc. Among them, The Whale's Song is the first published works which tells that for escaping the security check, Uncle Warner hides heroin into the body of blue whale and controls its route through brain wave. However, although the whale avoids the inspection it is attacked by whaler unexpectedly...

刘慈欣编写的《鲸歌》收录《鲸歌》《圆圆的肥皂泡》《梦之海》《命运》《山》 等多篇作品。其中《鲸歌》是作者公开发表的第一篇作品,讲述的是:毒品走私大鳄沃纳大叔为了躲避海关的检查,将海洛因藏在蓝鲸的嘴里,并通过发射脑电波来控制蓝鲸的行动路线。然而没想到的是,躲过检查的蓝鲸却遭到了捕鲸船的袭击……