Cursed Hearts (Hearts of Valentia #2)

Cursed Hearts (Hearts of Valentia #2)
Author: Starla Huchton
Language English
Pages: 297
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.57
Published: October 31st 2016

At nine years old, Polliandra Quicke became the unwitting victim of a powerful spell, binding her to her best friend. Separated by years after Donnel’s sudden disappearance, Polly seeks answers when her kiss destroys two would-be suitors.

Forced by circumstance to become a curse breaker for hire, she travels Valentia in search of a way to free herself; to take back her choices and a chance for a normal life. Led to the Spires of Elonui, Polly appeals to the council of mages, beseeching their help. Their solution: a quest into the heart of territory overrun by Torn Ones, accompanied by a young mage whose eyes hold her captive. Lyre Aven might be the most frustrating person she’s ever met, but he’s her only shot at freedom. First love can be a curse, but the closer she gets to an unbound life, the more she wonders if the magic that sealed her fate wasn’t a bing in disguise.