Out of Texas 6 : Bag's Gotta Brand New Papa

Out of Texas 6 : Bag's Gotta Brand New Papa
Author: James Hold
Language English
Pages: 171
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: August 21st 2016

A subtlety nuanced work, which can be enjoyed on any number of levels, although sitting would probably be the most comfortable. -- Fannie Setzwell, The 'Bar K' Lounger When Tropical Gale Kim leaves the city flooded, the gaunt-faced grappler holes up in a local diner, Entree the Giant, hoping to ride the storm out. Instead, he is approached by three sisters, members of a wrestling troupe known as the Cutie Pies, who seek his help in rescuing their father whom they believe has been kidnapped by the notorious ND Bag. A wild night of action, fun, and violence follows as together they face the brutal onslaught of Man and Nature.