The Dark Prince (Fountains of Fire & Darkness, #1)

The Dark Prince (Fountains of Fire & Darkness, #1)
Author: Fahid Hussain
Language English
Pages: 537
Genre: Heroic Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: December 13th 2012 by Fahid Hussain

Long ago, a people were cursed on an island made of stone, never to rest in death and without escape. In a land where magic is banned, an ancient creature from the island emerges to reek havoc on the world of Malara. Alex, the dashing Champion of the Kingdom of Lasgale in the South is sent out to bring down the creature with the help of his friends, an army and a sleep Princess, while trying find a way to control his unnatural abilities before he is subdued by a darkness within him. After crushing a rebellion, a troubled King Alyaan of Lasgale finds himself in a peril when an evil witch of his past returns, while struggling to keep the peace between the Kings of Malara and his seat on the Black Throne.