Organic Square Foot Gardening: Straw bale gardening, windowsill gardening

Organic Square Foot Gardening: Straw bale gardening, windowsill gardening
Author: Kara Chapman
Language English
Pages: 51
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
Published: March 31st 2015 by Iron Ring Publishing

Not everyone who wants to grow fresh organic vegetables and herbs has a big enough space for a traditional garden.

Organic Square Foot Gardening is here to teach you how to grow the garden of your dreams in tiny spaces! Square foot gardening (which also includes straw bale gardening, windowsill gardening, and raised-bed gardening) is an approach to growing fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers in remarkably small spaces.

Most people aren’t willing to give up their whole back yard for a garden. This is why the Square Foot style has become so popular -- people with limited space can now grow a cornucopia of fresh, organic plants and still keep plenty of yard or patio space. The bestselling Organic Square Foot Gardening begins with an overview of square foot gardening options and a review of the basics of stating your organic garden space. You will learn about: The advantages of different types of windowsill, straw bale, and square-foot gardening Selecting the right materials for building your garden (you won't believe some of the innovative ideas!) How to choose the right plants How to lay out your ideal garden for maximum yield Nurturing organic soil Planting and tending tips that can make or break your season Organic weed control Mulching, watering, pest and disease control, companion plant considerations, and lots more! Square foot gardening makes it possible for anyone with a little bit of space to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and even fruit. If you are itching to get your hands in the dirt and grow your own healthy, organic produce, pick up this essential guide to planting things and watching them grow – no matter how small your available space is! P.S. Scroll up and grab your copy while the price is low!