The Omega Scroll

The Omega Scroll
Author: Adrian d'Hagé
Language English
Pages: 463
ISBN10: 0143003232
Genre: Thriller
Goodreads Rating: 3.32
ISBN13: 9780143003236
Published: 2006 by Penguin Group (Australia)

The Pope's health is failing and the Cardinal Secretary of State, the ruth Lorenzo Petroni, has the Keys to St Peter within his grasp. Three things threaten to destroy him: Cardinal Giovanni Donelli has started an investigation into the Vatican Bank; journalist Tom Schweiker is looking into Petroni's past; and, even more dangerously, the brilliant Dr Allegra Bassetti, one of the world's foremost authorities on archaeological DNA, is piecing together fragments of the Omega Scroll in war-torn Jerusalem.

At the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Mike McKinnon is investigating a number of missing nuclear suitcase bombs and suspects they are connected to the warning in the Omega Scroll. In the Judaean Desert a few more grains of sand trickle from the wall of a cave. The countdown for civilisation has begun.