Companion: A Novella

Companion: A Novella
Author: Catalin Marcu
Pages: 56
Goodreads Rating: 2.75
Published: June 12th 2017 by ePublishers

In his novella Companion, the young Romanian writer Cătălin Marcu speaks about a world in which robots are people's slaves. Some people tend to abuse them and humiliate them, just as slave owners used to do with human slaves throughout history. Consequences? Read the book! When Paul decides to buy himself a companion, the latest state of the art technology in robotics, artificial tissue and artificial intelligence, he does it on a whim. But he will soon find himself on an emotional journey that will make him question the status quo of society, love and his personal beliefs. Meanwhile, all that Anna, his companion, wants is to make her new master as happy as she can. She will have to learn and adapt along the way, as she will find the human mind is not as straightforward as her logical algorithms.