A Dead Man

A Dead Man
Author: Julia Proud
Language English
Pages: 98
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: June 25th 2014

In a corrupt, big city during the Prohibition Era, Detective Ed Valenti is investigating his first murder case with the help of his mentor, Senior Detective Landau. When the main suspect turns out to be the nephew of a powerful Italian mob boss, Detective Valenti goes after him despite Landau’s advice to simply let it go. Traumatized by his experience as a World War I soldier still in his teens, and a recovering alcoholic with a gambling habit, Ed Valenti needs to believe that justice is possible, and that, given enough evidence, a murderer does not walk away. So, defying his mentor, Ed continues to investigate until he finds a woman that might have the answers he is looking for, but will he get to her before the Italian mob does? Ed Valenti knows that, more often than not, the price of justice is paid in blood, but what he can’t know is just how much blood it takes for that price to be paid in full. In the end, there will be no question of who has done it, but of what justice can there be now that so much blood has been spilled?