Real Vampires Say Read My Hips

Real Vampires Say Read My Hips
Author: Gerry Bartlett
Language English
Pages: 330
ISBN10: 0991486013
Genre: Fantasy
Series Glory St. Clair
Goodreads Rating: 4.31
ISBN13: 9780991486014
Published: December 13th 2014 by Dragon Lady Publishing

Be Careful What You Wish For… Curvy vampire Glory St. Clair has a lot of things on her wish list: a perfect figure, to eat chocolate again, and to marry her hunky Highlander Jeremiah Campbell of course.

Then there’s the family she’s always wanted. At least she’s about to marry Jerry--until her mother kidnaps her the week before the wedding. What’s a girl to do? She’s in Olympus and a goddess.

Glory doesn’t mind waking up with a perfect figure and an appetite for hamburgers, but where are her fangs? Seems blood suckers aren’t welcome in Olympus.

And her powerful grandfather wouldn’t approve of her former lifestyle. He’s eager to meet her and arrange an “appropriate” marriage. Glory is desperate to go home to the man she loves. Will her powerful family ever let her go? When Jerry arrives in Olympus determined to fight for her, Glory is afraid they will never have the forever life together they’d planned. It will take all of her goddess powers to make this final dream come true.