Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!

Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!
Author: Georgina Ramsey
Language English
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.27
Published: February 9th 2014

Mae Ophelia Ball, is a desperate, penni student, who in a moment of madness is prepared to do anything – well, almost anything – for a bit of extra cash! She puts her moral conscience to one side, when she takes advice from the glamorous Lottie, and sets herself up as a phone sex operator, in order to earn a few extra quid. However, the glamour of a job in the sex industry soon wears off, and one of her callers, an elderly man called Bert, comes to her rescue. She soon learns that money isn’t everything, but has this on come a little too late?