Bussing The Amazon: On The Road With The Accidental Journalist

Bussing The Amazon: On The Road With The Accidental Journalist
Author: Michael Arkus
Language English
Pages: 282
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: May 28th 2014 by Michael Arkus

It is the height of the maniacal rush by Brazil's military dictatorship to 'develop' the Amazon. Roads are being gouged through the impenetrable jungle; ranches are being slashed and burned out of nature's exuberant bounty; Indian tribes are falling like flies before the developers' murderous greed; rubber tappers are being slaughtered by hired assassins; and corrupt judges and venal police are giving the rampaging invaders carte blanche. It's time for the accidental journalist to visit the world's latest Wild West. Instead of going by boat, the traditional means of transport through the vast river-coursed jungle, he travels by bus and truck along the new, sometimes barely passable tracks euphemistically called 'highways.' Complicating matters, his girlfriend accompanies him for much of the way: she turns out to be a shopaholic, snapping up 'bargains' at every stop. The two cases he starts out lugging up Amazon and down Amazon double to four before she's through. Follow them on their journey to indigenous tribes in the depths of the vast rainforest, to crazed bureaucrats cut off from reality in their air-conditioned cocoons, to military officers who would arrest a red traffic light for being communist, to remote gold rush areas where gun and knife reign supreme. Meet the mayor who wants to repeal the law of gravity, the heroic churchmen fighting to save Indian tribes, the Indian chief who fights the military with a tape recorder – and much, much more.