Where's Gizmo? (Find Gizmo & Friends) ((A Game of Concentration))

Where's Gizmo? (Find Gizmo & Friends) ((A Game of Concentration))
Author: C.F. Crist
Language English
Pages: 13
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 1.00
Published: November 14th 2013 by Virtual Learning Books

Gizmo the robot and his friends travel to six weird and wonderful lands but each time they travel Gizmo breaks into 4 pieces. Help his friends by finding each piece of Gizmo in every scene. In every picture find Gizmo's friends: Dan, Buster, Amy, Coco and Jack. Each of Gizmo's friends have lost something: Dan's backpack, Buster's bone, Amy's camera, Coco's toy fish and Jack's bottle. And finally find Gizmo's screwdriver so his friends can put Gizmo back together.

Readers must try to spot Gizmo and his friends in a game of concentration. Zoom Enabled: Increase the size of the picture to help you in your search (double tap the picture). Contents: Bouncy Bunnies Cheeping Chicks Eggtastic Leaping Lambs Hens In A Glen Mishmash Bash